Polyamide A11 - commonly called RILSAN®, is a type of synthetic material created more that 50 years ago which was designed to protect against corrosion. Since then, this material has become one of the most advanced technological products. Thanks to its unique structure and universal properties, it has found a broad range of applications in many areas of industry.

Acron uses RILSAN® material in the construction of rollers intended for the printing industry and other branches.

The most important properties of rollers with RILSAN® covering are:

  • resistance to abrasion,
  • smooth surface and high frictional coefficient,
  • highly resistant to paints and solvents,
  • high dimensional stability
  • ideally suited to food production-doesn't allow bacteria to develop, doesn't release toxic or harmful substances,
  • attractive look in a wide variety of colors,
  • highly electrical resistant.

Using flame-spraying RILSAN® coating technology, we produce rollers having the following parameters:

  • length 10 - 5000 mm,
  • diameter 35 - 450 mm,
  • total weight up to 2 tons,
  • coating thickness 1,2 - 4 mm.
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