New rollers

Our company specializes in the production of ready-to-install rollers for offset printing for over 30 of the most popular printing presses. Our rollers are fully protected with fittings and bearings and are packed in durable packaging.
Printing houses all over the world choose Acron as their provider of new rollers for rotary machines both for heatset and coldset printing.
These rollers feature excellent surface finishes and are perfectly balanced. Acron rollers for rotary printing are a very interesting alternative for demanding printers.

We also produce new rollers for flexographic printing.


Acron delivers a full range of services for the refurbishing of rollers used in offset, flexographic and recess printing, as well as refurbishing of rollers with hard polyamide 11 elastomer coating, known as RILSAN®.

We also propose refurbishing of chrome and ceramic rollers.

Refurbishing of rollers begins with a stripping of the destroyed coating and an estimate of wear to the core for the purpose of reusing it. If necessary, the core is refurbished and, following application and sanding of the working surface, the core is balanced statically or dynamically and is reinforced with fittings and necessary bearings.

Acron also offers sanding services for cylindrical and convex shaped rollers to restore existing coatings.


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