We have at our disposal the most modern machine in the industry for the balancing of rollers and rotors. Thanks to ROTORTEST 505, made by the Polish company Climat using the most recent international solutions, we offer services of the highest caliber. The machine is equipped with a host of workshop programs, e.g., drilling, which indicates the drilling parameters for the purpose of removing the correct amount of material from a rotor to correct a balancing problem. This guarantees the balancing of DIN class rotors and rollers from G04 to G10.

Basic technical data of our balancer:

  • allowable weight of balanced rotors:
  • minimum: 5 kg
  • maximum: 3000 kg
  • orientation of axis for weighing of rotor: horizontal
  • range of diameters of rotor spindles: from 20 to 500 mm
  • maximum length of roller: 5000 mm
  • minimum length of roller: 250 mm
  • maximum diameter of roller: 1000 mm
  • minimum diameter of roller: 1600 mm
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