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Acron is one of the main producers of rubber rollers, which have a wide variety of applications in many branches of industry. In the course of the company's 20 years of existence, it has transformed itself into one of the main representatives of this branch on the Polish and international market.
We refurbish and produce new rollers for all branches of industry.
Our main clients are the following industries: timber, furniture, paper, textile, packaging, leather, synthetic materials and food. We also refurbish rollers for sleeve-type lamination, UV and dispersion varnish, cold and hot lamination, flexography and rotogravure.
Our policy, based on the selection of the best raw materials, an understanding of the Client's needs and the setting of affordable prices, has made Acron the leader in the production and refurbishing of rubber rollers in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.
Our company is also the preferred provider of new rollers for many western machine producers, not only due to our large production capabilities, but primarily owing to our punctuality and professionalism.
Our modern fleet of machines enables us to deliver rollers that meet the high standards set by Clients from all over the world. Our technical solutions enable us to fulfill all of our Client's requests.
Our goal is to increase the advantage we already possess over the competition, and to work to satisfy you.
We look forward to doing business with you.


The rollers that we produce are used in all branches of industry in which the use of rubber rollers is essential. We also offer refurbishing services for various types of rollers.
We invite you to take a closer look at our offer and to discuss your needs with us. We offer highly-skilled technical advice.

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